Wood Bikes – Innovation, Beauty, and Performance

At Sojourn, we craft our bikes from beautiful sustainable wood such as black walnut, which has an optimal strength-to-weight ratio. A wood tandem that has been crafted by Sojourn has withstood at least 3,000 miles through mostly rigorous terrain.

The Strength of Wood

Wooden bike frames are strong. To prove this, we tested our frame against a typical steel frame by applying increasing amounts of pressure. The steel frame began to buckle at 800 pounds while we had to stop at 1,200 pounds for the wooden bike frame because the fixture holding the frame was starting to bend.

Incomparable Ride

Typically on metal bike frames, vibrations are reduced but not entirely absorbed because the vibrations are spread throughout the metal. With a wooden frame, the vibrations are completely absorbed which makes for an extremely smooth and comfortable ride unlike any other. Wood bikes not only offer comfort but also provide a strong and sturdy frame. From the moment you begin pedalling, you will realize that these wooden bicycles truly provide for an “incomparable ride.”

Lightweight Engineering

A wooden bike frame weighs less than 5 pounds depending on the specific customizations tailored to each rider. At Sojourn, each wooden bike is designed to your specific size and preferences. A tandem bike frame weighs 9-10 pounds supporting two adults and the E-bike frame weighs 7-8 pounds as it carries more weight to support the electric motor. Wooden bike frames compare favorably with the weight of aluminum or ultra-light, steel racing frames.